Thursday nights on aptn is must-see tv for the new police procedural "TRIBAL," starring Jessica Matten as the new chief of Tribal Police, who's forced to team up with a big city cop amid allegations of corruption. It's a groundbreaking new series and Jessica tells us not only is it a thrill to portray a strong female protagonist, but it's also an honour to smash indigenous cliches.

"I have turned down some major roles where I just thought it was perpetuating a stereotype that I did not want to see. These things that are shown in media have a deep impact on what we go through, and allows other people who are not of those minority cultures or groups to have an understanding of what we are about. So, if we are putting the wrong stuff out there, it is very harmful. I feel very grateful that I am given a platform, and this is what I have always wanted to use my platform for," Matten said.

In her new series 'tribal', Jessica is breaking down indigenous stereotypes. playing a strong female Tribal Police Chief navigating prejudices of the male-dominated field.

"It is about a tribal cop coming into the municipal police force, and how those two have to partner up and get used to each other given their cultural differences, the need to understand each other and also the fact that she is simply a young woman of colour."

"The whole point of this entire show is to bring more awareness to the actual issues that indigenous people deal with on a daily basis. But also, the prejudices that non-indigenous people have towards indigenous people. For this to be the first heavily native cast, a procedural show too is supercool and, I am really excited for everyone to see this. I'm so excited, not so much for myself but really what it will mean to the indigenous youth, to indigenous people across the country, and hopefully across the world too."

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